I have always thought that the coolest outfits are achieved when you are not really trying, or at least pretend you didn’t really try. Simple cool is exactly how I would describe rag & bone latest resort collection. All of the looks feature pieces that are simple, easy to wear and very cool. The collection focuses on the combination of materials such as wool, jersey and leather. Furthermore, the designers stuck to a neutral palette composed mainly by black, white, red and gray. These colors are easy to wear, will always be on trend, and combining them in your look is a great formula for success. Additionally, the oversized shapes where very well executed and add that little extra to the look. Finally my favorite part of the collection is the tennis shoes seen in most of the looks. Wearing flat shoes, besides being really conformable, is a touch that would make your looks even cooler.

Inspired by this collection I decided to create a very simple look, and accessorize it in order to take it to the next level. An essential part was the contrast between the black of the dress with the white of my tennis shoes. Both colors are not calling for attention but their combination does make a statement. I decided to add a little touch of color and of my personal style by wearing a handcrafted bracelet. Finding statement making accessories is very important for my style, given that most of my clothes are neutral and very simple. Accessories just make every look so much better, just remember not to over accessorize!

Get My Look: 1. Get a little black dress; just make sure it has an oversized shape. 2. Stan Smith shoes or any other white sneakers you feel conformable with. 3. Finally add your personal touch with some cool accessories or sunglasses.