STYLE GURU STYLE: The Perfect Arm Candy

I never thought it was possible to fall so in love with an accessory…until I met my purse. My cross-body Guess mini-tote is so perfect I even dream about it (literallyit has literally shown up in my dreams multiple times). It was love at first sight with this purse. At first I wasn’t sure if I needed another purse. However, every time I went to the mall, I absolutely HAD to go back into the store to make sure it was still there. Finally, the third time I went back to admire its beauty, I knew it was time for me to buy it. It was meant to be.

I think what really turned me on to this purse was its combination of colors. And, this season, designers seem to be playing with patterns and colors more than before. Prada’s Spring 2016 ready-to-wear Collection, for example, included tons of handbags that played with different color combinations, which were then brought cohesively together through neutral colored patterns like black and/or white.

In the look pictured, I decided to pair my purse with a girly outfit, ready for a nice warm day. I wanted the bold blue in my purse to really stand out, and was able to do that by wearing a mauve-colored flowy dress. I also utilized Prada’s neutral color palette with a pair of tan flats in order to draw the attention of my outfit toward the purse. Finally, to tie the outfit together, I wore white shades to match with the white in my purse.

This versatile purse could easily be worn for a girls night out by making slight adjustments to the outfit: I would suggest wearing black jeans and a leather jacket with some nude colored pumps, to really make the blue on the purse pop.

Purses and bags are such an easy way to accessorize, especially for those who aren’t fond of wearing jewelry. A cute bag can quickly spruce up an outfit and make it more lively. This trend instantly makes bags and purses more fun than they already are.  Having more colors a the purse gives us the ability to have more fun with different outfit combinations. The purse also becomes so much more intriguing. I’ve had some men, who are not into fashion whatsoever, compliment my purse. The trend has led to a very eye-catching accessory. Purses are the perfect arm candy for this summer!

Get My Look: 1. A multi-colored mini purse. 2. A flowy summer dress. 3. Some cool shades. 4. Fancy flats for your feet.