This week, I’m inspired by Calvin Klein’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, which was inspired by the female Manhattanite. The typical New York dress code is black, black and only black. It comes in every type of cut, texture and fabric you can think of. This collection tried to make the impossible possible by introducing women to the other colors in the neutral family. I have found that the reason women (including myself) do not venture out and wear neutrals besides black is because the other colors are more difficult to style. This show not only introduced these colors back no the runway, but showed women how to style them properly. The sleek, simple cuts on each outfit were key because it was the only way for the neutral colors to truly stand out against one another.

I wanted to make my interpretation of the show even more of an everyday look. To accomplish this, one of my primary pieces is patterned instead of solid. This is more playful for a day look and softens the cool colors. On top, I chose a knitted sweater similar to some of the tops used in the show. A heavier fabric on top contrasts nicely with the lighter, floral fabric on the bottom. One of the trademarks from the runway show is heavy fabric on top and flowy on the bottom. The creates a nice structural contrast and avoids what would have been bulky fabric on top of bulky fabric. What I have also found particularly difficult with combining neutrals is when to know what matches. As this runway show proves, any neutral can combine with one another as long as the balance is right. As they say in fashion, “Do not overdo.”

If you express yourself through your personal style (cough, cough), you can never have too many accessories. Personally, I love statement pieces because they spell out fierce without you having to say a word. They also add an immense amount of class, sass and professionalism to any outfit.

Neutrals are a winter staple. But, the longstanding (and still standing) myth is that black is the only neutral women can wear. Correction: black is the most convenient neutral women can wear. Branch out and try something new! As long as you maintain a balance, I guarantee your neutral game will be on point.

Get My Look: 1. Lightweight skirt. 2. Knitted sweater. 3. Statement necklace.