August 5th, 2016 at 2:10am

It’s August already, which means that the end of summer is upon us. The dreaded goodbyes, the change in weather and the realization that it is time to resume our roles as students may bring a bittersweet aroma to these next few weeks. However, instead of seeing the end of summer as a negative, it’s time we turn it into a positive and make the next few weeks some of the most fun we’ve had all summer!

As we continue to battle summer’s heat waves in these next few weeks it’s crucial that we don’t let our summer style slip. The final weeks before school starts can be a stressful time, gathering last minute essentials for the upcoming year. I know, at least for me that in the next few weeks I am super busy, spending as much time as I can with those I won’t see for a lengthened period of time. We do all sorts of things, many that involve putting our best-dressed foot forward. I’m a sucker for anything and any place that allows me to channel my inner Fashionista, so I jump at every opportunity I get to do so.

I wore the outfit pictured to dinner downtown with my friends. I was inspired by Burberry Prorsum’s spring/summer 2016 line. The muted colors against the abstract patterns gave the impression of a psychedelic look, which I really liked. This explains the fact that I had just bought this romper a few days prior and I was obsessed. I’ve had taken a weird liking to floral lately, which is rather odd because I had never before been one to gravitate towards such patterns. Nonetheless, this romper was the perfect piece to embrace the tail end of summer with. Its silhouette allows a nice airy protection from the brutal heat, while the pattern and colors serve to give it a more playful vibe. To add to the stylistic appeal of the romper itself I of course had to wear a hat. If you don’t know me I’m OBSESSED with hats. I think that they are the perfect way to give an outfit a tad bit more character. This hat was simple enough that it didn’t overpower the overall look. The bag and the bracelet were also just simple accessories that helped give the outfit more flair.

The end of summer is always so bittersweet, but it’s time that we learn to embrace it and make it our mission to have a fun and fabulous last few weeks. As we look forward to cooler weather, seeing all our friends back at school and of course breaking out our fall wardrobe it’s time we will hold onto the sweet summer breeze and carefree days these last few months have filled us with. So with that being said, go out and enjoy these next few weeks. May they be filled with happiness, lots and lots of fun and of course amazing Fashionista moments.

Get My Look: 1. Floral Romper. 2. Black Hat. 3. Gold Cuff.