STYLE GURU STYLE: The Eccentric Print

The rise of eccentric prints has been a trend for multiple seasons. In particular, the mixing and matching of prints—a previous fashion faux pasis now welcomed on 21st century runways. I love combining prints such as polka-dots, stripes and florals; however, the rise of the eccentric, culturally driven print is an uncharted territory. Up-and-coming designer Stella Jean caught my attention with her spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Stella Jean’s potent prints reference specific cultures and create a statement in a look sure to catch someone’s attention. Mostly inspired by African prints, Stella Jean’s fabrications are combined with solid colors, giving the print a focal point of an entire look. While the prints are loud and greatly detailed, the pieces on this runway generate a sense of confidence in its wearer, given its eye-catching qualities.

Sitting in the back of my closet I found a dress I had never worn because the print seemed a bit much, but today was the day to dig it out. Despite my hesitation, Stella Jean’s cultural inspiration pushed me to throw on the oversized dress and experiment. The dress’ print reminds me of a tropical place because of the florals and subdued palette. The best part about the dress is its midi length. Next to the rise of loud prints, midi length dresses and skirts have been gaining great popularity on the streets.

Combined with my dress is a beige, studded belt and a black, chunky necklace. The neutral palette of my accessories create subtle additions to my look, but do not detract from the printed dress. Additionally, my staple accessory is an African-made beaded bracelet that can be paired with a variety of looks since it captures the colors of any outfit, and is a unique piece of wearable art. Today, the bracelet was the perfect piece to top off my heavily printed garment.

Polka-dots, florals and stripes are just a few designs many of us find comfort in when choosing a printed garment. After my experimentation with eclectic prints, I plan to add this forgotten dress to my daily wardrobe and wear it with multiple additions. The combination of neutral and loud accessories proved to be the best choice with the statement piece, and I hope the rise of eccentric prints continue to inspire Fashionista/os.

Get My Look: 1. An eccentric printed midi dress. 2. A colorful, beaded bracelet. 3. A neutral belt.