STYLE GURU STYLE: The '90s Trend That's Making a Comeback

Being that I am a ’90s baby myself, I love to see my favorite childhood trends, such as the choker necklace, make a comeback. In my opinion, accessories can make or break an outfit and the choker can definitely add an edgy look and spice up your outfit. Lately, I’ve noticed that everyone has been rocking this ’90s trend from celebrities on the red carpet to the Fashionistas walking around on Florida State’s Campus. I also love rocking chokers myself. Chokers have even been seen on the runway models on the Fall 2015 runway shows giving inspiration for spring looks. In the J.W.Anderson fall 2015 runway show the models were bringing back the ’90s styled in gold metal chokers. I found the looks with this show interesting because the ’90s choker trend was paired with some ’80s trends in the clothing.

I love how there are so many different options with chokers. There are so many great finds that go from the “blinged out” chokers to the staple ’90s tattoo choker. They can be worn with your fanciest dress or with your everyday going to class look. In the photos above, I am rocking a choker I created myself with a shoelace and a pom pom and heart pendant key-chain with my graphic T-shirt, black leggings and Nike running shoes. I loving adding chokers to add an edge to my look whether I’m going to class or to a party.

It’s clear that lately the ’90s grunge style is also making a comeback in the fashion world and the grunge look is where you see the chokers the most. I personally love to wear chokers the most while rocking my favorite vintage T-shirt, jean jackets or flannels. My friends and I definitely love to rock looks like his while headed to a hangout with friends or head to a social. Pair a choker with your a basic T-shirt and your favorite ripped jeans and  head to class!

The best part of this trend is that chokers are not hard to find at all! If you are shopping for a bargain like most college student Fashionistas; Forever 21 and Kmart have some great finds! My favorite place to find some unique fancy chokers is Baublebar as well as Urban Outfitters and Revolve.

Get My Look: 1. Any T-shirt you would like, but mine is a Yeezus Tour T-shirt. 2. Black leggings. 3.My Nike running shoes, but you can wear any sneakers that make you comfortable.