STYLE GURU STYLE: Textured Triumph

Lights out! And… cue Givenchy! If it was not already clear that women rule the world, watch the Givenchy spring 2015 ready-to-wear show. Black and white has been done countless times on the runway. This show made black and white unrecognizable with unique textural pairings. Givenchy debuted gorgeous leather knee socks on the runway. This is a great alternative to the legging or tight. In some signature looks, the leather knee socks were paired with a risqué fishnet tight. This combination created a perfect balance of tough and soft that is just too high fashion to handle. This collection represented the two sides of any woman: the “don’t mess” and the “come and get it.”

When I received the task of creating a runway look on a college budget, I was not optimistic. I soon learned that like designers, all you need is a little creative energy and voilà! I knew my biggest challenge with this outfit was going to be taking the color black and making it pop. If I could find some black pieces in my closet that were thicker, thinner or even had some interesting patterns, it would immediately break up the outfit and draw the eye in. Just as Ricardo Tisci had done, I wanted to play around with different textures and see just how far I could go without it being too much.

I was excited to learn that black has more opportunities than initially meet the eye. As I began pairing one black piece to the next, I noticed that it was best to break the outfit up into pieces that lead the eye from top to bottom. This made the outfit more cohesive and prevented it from becoming too overwhelming.

This is an outfit I never would have tried if I did not write for CollegeFashionista. It is completely out of my comfort zone. Today I learned it is important to take that risk! Next time you are struggling with what to wear, try the opposite of what your instinct is telling you. I promise, you will not regret it.

Get My Look: 1. Black knee-high socks. 2. A fun pair of fishnets. 3. An LBD with a unique detail