STYLE GURU STYLE: Suede by Vintage

Fashion is something that doesn’t have one true meaning; sure, you can pull out a dictionary and find its exact definition, but that doesn’t mean the word isn’t open for interpretation. To me, fashion is life’s most accessible, and possibly most interesting, form of art. There will never be two runway shows that are exactly alike, and there will never be a designer that hasn’t evolved as new inspirations strike. We use fashion to express ourselves and make statements, and we allow our clothing to make our first impressions for us.

With fashion being such a prominent part of my life, it’s no surprise that my wardrobe has undergone some serious changes through the years. Lately, I’m all about trying out bold prints and colors, and attempting to bring new textures and fabrics into my daily outfits. Taking inspiration from the Rachel Zoe’s pre-fall 2016 collection, I decided to make an outfit that combined color, print and texture all in one.

While looking through the collection, I noticed this outfit that immediately reminded me of a vintage red suede vest my aunt gave me a few months ago. Once I found the staple piece for my look, I took inspiration from Rachel Zoe’s use of prints and combined it with a patterned navy jumpsuit I purchased at Hollister Co. I chose to dress this look down by keeping it simple with minimal accessories, wearing just my Burberry watch and a Tiffany necklace.

If you told me a few years ago I would actually put together an outfit comprised of a printed jumpsuit and a red suede vest that’s at least 40 years old, and be super excited about it, I would have probably laughed in your face. But now, I would tell any Fashionista/o that the best outfit is one that’s a little out of your comfort zone, a lot out of your own personal style and something you’re totally comfortable and confident in.

This outfit was all about being bold and standing out and pushing my style to expand its limits. My goal for this month is to keep trying out new trends; whether it’s taking inspiration from the runway, or simply eyeing what the Fashionistas/os are wearing on the streets, I’m going to continue revamping and reworking my wardrobe without losing the integrity of my sense of style.

Will I get really wild and start trading in my usual earth tones for some hot pink or neon yellow? Well, that’s still to be determined.

Get my look: 1. Any color suede vest, 2. A patterned jumpsuit, 3. A Tiffany Letter Disc Charm