I’m a big fan of the basics: nude tones, jean jackets, simple flats and the likes thereof. They’re my go-to’s, my comfort zone, my wardrobe pieces I know won’t fail when I’m hesitant to try something new. When they need a bit of sprucing up, I stack on the accessories and I’m good to go. Lately, I’ve found my comfort zone to be too comfortable, so I made a change that would take some commitment: I added purple to my hair.

Badgley Mischka’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection revolved around the nude tones and simplistic styles I tend to rely on. However, his models sported colorful highlights and eyebrows, as well as embellished patterns and accessories, as they walked down the runway to add a pop to their ensembles.

I was lacking a few pieces, so I didn’t necessarily follow this look 100 percent, but it is a fun way to funk up classic styles.

My outfit consists of a taupe dress that falls a bit too high on the flow scale, so I added a glittery belt. To get it closer to Badgley Mischka’s vision, go with a belt that’s a bit flashier. While it was too hot in Arizona for me to traipse around in my favorite blazer, I toned down the dressiness of the overall outcome and threw on my go-to denim jacket. I also grabbed the one purse I own that makes me feel like a rockstar and a stack of arm candy to mix it all together.

The daring part of this look overall comes down to the hair. To take this look out for a temporary spin, try a colorful highlight spray—you’ll be able to get whatever color you want without spending anything at a salon, and it’ll wash out the same night if you want to try something else the next day!

Get My Look: 1. A nude dress. 2. A jean jacket. 3. Colorful hair.