STYLE GURU STYLE: Stand Out in Your Outerwear

Zac Posen’s recent fall 2015 fashion show was one to remember. His usual overly feminine style was put aside with his emphasis on darker, bolder colors and less form fitting pieces. Nothing about his designs were too outlandish, yet his simplicity seemed so complex and different from anything in my closet. I found myself primarily drawn to his choice of outerwear. Anyone who knows me, knows I love outerwear. Specifically, I have an obsession with jackets, and my wardrobe contains a wide range from cropped leather jackets to over-sized coats.  Posen expertly incorporated his outerwear into the outfits, making them not even look like outerwear. They looked like an all around piece and something that could be worn anywhere! I could see myself wearing his looks to class or out in the city on the weekend.

So in light of his recent show, I decided to create my own Zac Posen inspired look! I love this idea of making a coat your whole look, so I threw on my go-to oversized black coat. In addition, I added my favorite gray turtleneck, a black skirt, black knee-high socks and black booties. These pieces are complementary yet not too loud, as I wanted the jacket to remain the focal point of the outfit. I love the little touch of gray the turtleneck adds and the length of the jacket meeting where the socks start. The look overall is so feminine yet modest enough that I can wear to class. I could definitely make this outfit nighttime appropriate by just swapping my turtleneck for a blouse or button-down.

I used to not put as much emphasis on the jacket I was wearing, but now I realize that my jacket can make or break my outfit. I love sporting my coat even when I’m inside and out of the cold. It completely adds an edgy and bold look, and I am looking forward to sporting this trend throughout the rest of the season.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized coat 2. A crisp white turtleneck 3. This flared skirt to add the ultimate feminine touch!