STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring (Break) Has Sprung

STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring (Break) Has Sprung

After weeks of anticipation, spring break is finally here! I’m spending my week off in Miami, which means I can embrace the relaxed lifestyle and have more freedom in how I dress. This is different than what I am used to experiencing in Boston, so I decided to try to branch out in my style while on vacation. I did this by pairing things together that I would not have ordinarily thought to combine.

One of my favorite trends is the T-shirt dress, because they are incredibly comfortable for a day out on the town and can be styled so many ways. I chose to wear my favorite Urban Outfitters T-shirt dress with cut outs that give it a bit of an edge. I paired the dress with grey suede slip-on sneakers from Rebecca Minkoff. I love these sneakers because the style is similar to Vans, but they are also unique since the material is suede. Who said sneakers can’t be stylish?

As I mentioned in my Style Guru Bio, the ’90s is undoubtedly my favorite fashion decade. My favorite item is the bomber jacket, so I took advantage of the breezy day and threw on my favorite bomber. I chose the pale pink jacket to break up the overall gray tone of the outfit, with it still being subtle enough to blend.

One of my favorite aspects of fashion is accessorizing. I love adding my own character into my outfits, so this simple and neutrally-toned outfit allowed me to put my own twist on it by adding some sparkle. The first item I chose is a colorful beaded purse from Free People. This purse has a lot of 3-D l texture, including beaded tassels and sequins. Similarly, I wore a black Urban Outfitters choker with small silver studs. These items add more of a visual pop to the outfit, which is always fun to include.

I have always loved travelling and experiencing new cities. Seeing different sights and taking in the culture always makes me want to try new things with my style, as I did with this outfit. I hope that whether you vacation or staycation on your spring break, you will find inspiration to try new things.