STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring Awakening

The spring 2015 couture runway show from Viktor & Rolf shows great interest in floral patterns. The theme color for the floral patterns in the show was yellow and blue. Instead of just painting flowers on the fabric, Viktor & Rolf expanded the definition of floral. The designers used 3D art to expand the flowers into reality. The natural consecution of the cloth and flowers caught my eyes when I was reviewing the spring 2015 collections. Floral patterns are classic, but they can look different and authentic. The main accessory in the Viktor & Rolf show was the dramatic straw hat. Since I don’t have access to a tropical-inspired straw hat, I thought a pair of earrings with the same style would be more beneficial for the outfit.

The sweater I wore has a similar floral pattern. The acrylic fabric makes the flower stand out in the crowd. Because the weather in Wisconsin is extremely cold in the winter, a pair of Sorel boots with a matching color scheme warms my feet very well. They also hint to people that spring is coming and they bring a sense of warmth. For the accessories, I chose a pink heart necklace to fit the pink color scheme in my outfit and the runway show. The earrings are consistent with the hat style from the show. The colors are basically yellowish brown and green, which added an exotic feeling to the outfit. Choosing a perfect sweater that fits the theme of Viktor & Rolf’s spring runway show is hard, but following this season’s spring awakening style is not! A bloom of spring in your outfit will help you make it through this freezing winter.

Viktor & Rolf’s spring 2015 collection showed me that even in winter, spring has arrived. The classic floral pattern will never get old, but there is always a new way to wear it. Trying to buy a top that makes flower patterns look authentic and fresh!

Get My Look: 1. Floral patterned sweater. 2. Spring colored winter boots. 3. Exotic earrings.