March 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Kate Spade is the epitome of femininity and class. The runways are often full of bright colors, crisp lines and sophisticated tailoring, not often do we see neutral tones, sweat pants and sneakers. However, the fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection had some pivotal designs, I noticed darker colors and sporty articles. Almost all 2015 and 2016 runways have shown us how to take sneakers and sweats out of the gym and onto the streets. kate spade has also followed this year’s hottest trend.

In my closet, kate spade labels or inspired trends were saved for sunny days and special events like Sunday brunch or office fashion. But this certain outfit in this year’s line sparked my taste. I was immediately hooked when I saw the pairing of embellished sweatpants and a fur coat and thought, “Wait, I could do this!” The dominating athletic trend has been a college student’s best friend giving comfort and fashion a chance to go hand-in-hand and picking out a class ensemble much easier.

There are so many ways to rock comfort and athletic wear. The biggest myth of all is that it isn’t “girly.” My favorite thing about Kate Spade’s sporty take is it still embodies the feminine designs. The fur, embellishments and simple makeup keep it close to what we love about the brand. I imitated the outfit with a fur vest, H&M joggers, ALDO high-tops and a hat to hide from the snow. After countless hours of scrolling through ready-to-wear collections, Pinterest and Tumblr, I came to realize it is all about the fit and the accessories. The accessories are what take it to the next level. For the outfit I chose, it was all about making it pop with the fur. Some outfits show off other jacket trends like a bomber jacket or denim. While others are centered on the sneakers, like a pair of high tops or a solid leather slip on. We all know about Yeezy’s and if you can find them, they have been the center of outfits like this! The key with sneakers? Please don’t wear your running shoes.

How to make sure you don’t look like you rolled out of bed? Based on what I have admired, I try to have the right balance between loose and tight. Whether that be loose joggers with a tight top or fitted leggings with a big jacket. It’s best to avoid anything a size too big or too long. Having the right hems can keep your athletic wear from looking like your pajamas.

Get My Look: 1. H&M Joggers. 2. H&M Faux Shearling Vest. 3. ALDO Elza Sneaker.