STYLE GURU STYLE: Sporty Senior Citizen

STYLE GURU STYLE: Sporty Senior Citizen

There used to be a time in my life where I would have dreaded to link the term “grandma” with my personal aesthetic. However, as the past few years have went by, I find myself going deeper in the land of gaudy granny fashion. I want to wear pastels all year long, wear loud, feminine prints, and wear as much lace as possible to look like a human doily.

I find myself being attracted to the unapologetic fabulous qualities that seems to ooze out of these older women who use fashion to show their power and femininity. Having a more feminine and girly style isn’t always correlated with being a boss bitch, but these women embrace their frills and ruffles to show that, girl, you really can have it all. We can credit a lot of this trend to the ’80s power dynamic that happened in women’s wear. Eighties glam consists of everything extravagant, from shoulder pads to dazzling brooches. Recently I have been idolizing Blanche from The Golden Girls and the Carrington women from Dynasty, both hit TV shows from the ’80s.

Like most old ladies, I’m not a fan of dressing down. You will never catch me in a pair of sweatpants and the only type of athletic shoes I own are things I like to call, “fashion sneakers.” To my dismay, the athleisure phenomenon is here for the long run, so in this look I give the trend a spin of my own.

Nothing is more casual to me than a graphic T-shirt, sneakers, and a baseball cap. Giving my own personal twist to these classic pieces, I’m wearing a T-shirt featuring one of the best golden girls, Betty White; white sneakers with a fun, gold accent; and a pink lipstick emoji baseball cap. Deciding on a pastel color palette, I wear a printed jacket to bring harmony to all the pieces. Staying true to my classic silhouette, I’m wearing a high-waisted corduroy midi skirt.

I top this look off with hints of gold, wearing my watch, hoops, and a personalized “D” pin. Ya girl looks ready for a sporty day of playing shuffleboard with all her sweet retired friends.