STYLE GURU STYLE: Sorry Mr. Incredible, Women Wear Capes

Although it’s important not to judge a book by its cover, someone’s style can say a lot about who they are. With each different look, a unique side of my personality is portrayed. In the outfit featured, my love for glamour and pizzazz was perfectly displayed.

My look was inspired by the Valentino fall 2015 couture collection. After going through the 60 outfits shown, my outtake of the collection was immediately one of regality and glamour.

Valentino used many subtle, but beautiful embellishments and lace patterns, which I conveyed through the gold patterned tights. The collection was highly alluring through the combination of rich colors (navy, black and gold) and the bold look of floor-length capes. These capes were the eye candy of each look due their uniqueness, ornate embellishments and magnificent length that could remind anyone of a queen.

When translating these features into my look, I subdued the length of the cape and brightened the color tone with red and gold. Since I rarely get invited to red carpet events with the rest of the celebrity squad, these changes make the look more appropriate for shopping downtown or grabbing dinner with friends.

I think it’s been proven that girls who wear (comfortable) heels have more fun, so I kept the height by donning tan Steve Madden wedges that continued to support the gold color tone of the cape. Tights are nice to keep your legs warm and are a perfect tool to support the color of your favorite piece. Tagging along with the tan wedges and crew socks with gold rhinestones, the subtly metallic pattern on the black tights continue to draw the eye back up to the gold scalloped cape.

Get My Look: 1. Cape. 2. Wedges. 3. Socks.