STYLE GURU STYLE: Snugglin' in Snow

STYLE GURU STYLE: Snugglin' in Snow

So far it’s been a cold month here in Boston and I was not prepared for the below degree temperatures and snow storms here in bean town but so far I’ve been learning to cope with different weather changes every day and how to dress myself up to face the hard core cold.

Having lived in Florida my whole life there was no such thing as snow days, classes being cancelled, wearing big coats and sweaters, scarfs and snow boots; but having decided to come to Boston for college expanded my horizons and taught me to live and dress through all four seasons. It might sound crazy of me to have decided to leave the sunny weather and hot beaches and fly over to the harsh cold winter, but so far I’ve been loving it and roughing it at the same time.

One key essential when living in a cold state is to invest on a good winter coat. You want to make sure that the coat you decide to invest in will serve you for a couple of years and will keep you warm and comfortable when battling the harsh winds. When I went coat hunting, I tried on thousands of ridiculous coats until I found the one that would fit me the best which ended up being my north face parka pictured above. This coat has kept me warm with its thermal interior and has protected me from rainy days with its waterproof exterior. I chose to purchase the black colored parka because it is one of the colors I wear the most and it is also an easy color to match with whatever it is you choose to wear under it.

Leggings, leggings and more leggings! Leggings are by far my go to pants when dressing up for the cold. Now I know you might think leggings might not protect me from the cold because of their thin fabric, but I made sure to purchase good thick ones. I never really worry about what top to wear when getting dressed for the day, because I always throw a cover up or a sweater on top and to add more style to it I’ll add a big comfy scarf.

When dealing with such harsh cold weather and facing snow every day, warm shoes are the way to go. Pictured in my article I am wearing my black suede booties and I have made the best use out of them since I moved to New England.

If you’re a Floridian girl struggling with the New England weather everyday, you and I are on the same boat. Just remember, only a couple of more months to face the cold, and a couple of more months to take cute pictures in the snow!