STYLE GURU STYLE: Snow White and the Shearling Coat

The inimitable French designer, Paco Rabanne, has proven on the pre-fall 2016 runway that is is indeed possible to be both cozy and chic. How? With Paco Rabanne’s oversized shearling coat. This creamy white concoction looks as warm as a vanilla latte and fluffier than a cloud—so basically, it’s the coziest thing you’ll ever wear while still remaining sartorially chic.

My Paco Rabanne-inspired outfit encompasses the essence of this fuzzy runway trend, but it is wearable for everyday occasions from brunch with friends to a night on the town. Rather than pairing the coat with a mini dress, as featured on the runway, I chose to wear my faux shearling coat with a dressy winter ensemble that’s both stylish and practical.

As you can see, my cashmere sweater adds another layer of warmth. Plus, the midnight blue provides a striking contrast to the cream-colored coat. Since the coat is relatively long, it works well with a skirt because it keeps my legs warm. My wine-colored chiffon skirt accentuates my waist, which might otherwise be overshadowed by the width of the coat, and thus prevents me from looking like a snowman.

Finally, I adapted the bare legs featured on the runway to suit my needs for the realities of winter and paired the skirt with patterned tights. A swipe of red lipstick is the finishing touch to my Snow White look. Enjoy your shearling, darling!

Get My Look: 1. A faux shearling coat. 2. Any navy sweater. 3. A wine red skirt. 4. Some patterned tights. 5. A dash of red lipstick.