The recent pre-fall 2015 Acne Studios fashion show was absolutely gorgeous! The big knit sweaters, patterned scarves and wool pieces had me pretty excited about dressing for the cold weather. Each of the looks took a sort of alpine theme that fit right in with the weather here in Chicago.

My translation of the collection was that winter is actually a great opportunity to play around with different textures and layers. For my look, I decided to wear shades of black, white and gray. When I create an outfit, I first try to decide on one piece that I’ll base the rest off of. For this look, I focused on the open front cardigan and what would complement it. Though it’s well past Labor Day, I figured I could rock the white jeans! White denim is perfect for all occasions, especially winter when it’s snowing and white is all around. While I was on the train, I noticed that I stood out amongst all the black clothes. To layer underneath the cardigan, I wore a simple T-shirt and paired it with my insanely over worn J.Crew necklace. To finish the look off, I wore patent leather black flats, gold jewelry and a gold and black clutch.

This Acne Studios fashion show completely inspired me to wear varying textures and colors and break some rules (like no white after Labor Day). Despite the fact runway looks and trends can sometimes be intimidating, there’s always some way you can translate them into your personal style. If nothing else, they’ll give you some confidence to be bold in your style.

Get My Look: 1. An open front, winter cardigan. 2. White denim jeans. 3. Classic, black flats.