January 14th, 2015 at 2:10am

My favorite thing about analyzing runway trends is that I get pushed out of my comfort zone very often. I try new things. It’s not that these things have never been done before. They’ve just never been done by me because I just didn’t know how to pull them off. A great example of this is layering. In the winter, I normally go for one bulky blanket-sized piece that I can wrap myself in because I never mastered the art of layering. The Tibi pre-fall 2015 collection inspired me to use every flattering piece I have to create layers. Now I never have to give up warmth for style or vice versa!

Skirts and dresses are easy to abandon in the cold season, but this collection shows us how to incorporate warm weather clothes like shorts, minis and midis into a winter outfit. I bet this is a relief for many. Personally speaking, I like the sound of not having to do a complete overhaul of my closet at the start of each season.

I started the day out wanting to wear a black midi dress. I was quickly discouraged by the weather outside. So, using what I learnt from the Tibi collection, I put on two extra layers—a chiffon blouse and a gray turtleneck sweater. Just because I was excited about my new ability to slay with layers, I decided to flirt with wearing sandals in the winter. I was sure to wear a pair of wool socks with them. (P.S. Don’t try this if a heated car is not your main form of transportation for the day!) I finished my look off with a fur cross body bag.

Get My Look: 1. A midi dress. 2. A turtleneck sweater. 3. Black sandals.