STYLE GURU STYLE: Shoulder Cutouts

January 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

Designers presented many interesting fashion proposals in the last couple of seasons of Fashion Week. The ’70s made a comeback, vintage was huge on the runways, ruffles and pleats were featured too, etc. However, one of the trends that especially caught my eye, were shoulder cutouts. It seemed as though almost every designer took the chance to show off the shoulders with their garments. This trend was seen in the spring 2016 collections of many designers such as Prabal Gurung.

Since Prabal Gurung showed us this trend in a much dressier manner, it inspired me to take it to a more casual everyday college look. I’ve owned this top for quite some time now but it’s been a while since I last wore it. When I saw how big the shoulder cutouts trend was on the runway, I instantly knew I had to wear it more often. This look is rather basic but perfect to go to class. It’s comfortable and cute, all at the same time.

This outfit includes Forever 21 top and skinny jeans, Calvin Klein bag and H&M shoes. These pointy flats are probably my favorite shoes right now. I bought them over the summer and I haven’t been able to stop wearing them ever since. I love H&M and Forever 21 because they always manage to take the runway trends to us at more affordable prices and more wearable styles, given that they’re fast fashion stores. The Calvin Klein bag was a recent Christmas present which I must admit, I adore. It’s perfect for college because it’s big and you can fit everything you need in there: laptop, books, makeup bag, etc.

Like I mentioned before, this look consists of only basic pieces. Having all the basics is  a must when building a wardrobe. If you have all the basics you only need to invest a little from time to time on trendy pieces to stay fashionable, like this top with shoulder cutouts. Basics can always be dressed up or down and they will always make you look stylish and expensive, even if you shop at Forever 21 and H&M like most of us do.

Get My Look: 1. Top. 2. Shoes. 3. Bag.