STYLE GURU STYLE: Sequins, Sequins And More Sequins

It is almost 2016, and I am ready to bring in the New Year with a bang! That being said, I took to the internet to find inspiration for my New Year’s Eve outfit. The one trend I stumbled upon the most was of course, sequins. It’s fun, festive and certainly a showstopper if worn correctly. One spring 2015 show I found to be particularly festive was Ashish Gupta’s. He is known for his use of sequins, but embellishment was definitely in full force with this collection. One piece that really stood out to me was a pair of sequined ripped jeans that he paired with an oversized crewneck sweatshirt and furry heels. It was decided; I needed a pair of pants like that.

Gupta’s collection is really fun and feminine, but for my outfit, I wanted to make it a little more New Year’s Day ready. I first needed to find the perfect pair of pants to base the rest of my outfit on. I found the most amazing sequined pants at H&M for a great price. They are high-waisted with zippers down the side, so I can change up how I want to wear them depending on the occasion. Once I found the pants, I knew I wanted to add a top that was a little more sophisticated than a sweatshirt. I found a plain white crop top to pair with it since the pants were already so decorative and added a cobalt blue blazer for some color. For my accessories, I went with a black and white statement necklace and a black bag. I wanted to keep them pretty neutral so that my pants would be the focal point of the outfit. Last but surely not least, I wore my trusted black booties that were comfortable enough to last the entire night.

Sequined pants are definitely not an every day item but are fun for special occasions. I probably will not be wearing these pants to school or out to dinner anytime soon, but I think they might also make a great birthday outfit or pair well with a girl’s trip to Vegas. One thing I know for sure is that they will never go out of style!

Get My Look: 1.Sequined pants. 2. Crop top. 3. Quilted Purse. 4. Booties.