STYLE GURU STYLE: Say Yes to the Sweater Dress!

See by Chloé, featured in the pre-fall 2015 runway show, appealed to my feminine, fresh style. The way she incorporated a cozy, clean feel to the high-end side of fashion made me want to wrap myself up in all 32 of her looks. With navy colors, warm blushed makeup, ribbed knits and girlish shapes, it is no wonder her pieces stole the show. One modest outfit that caught my attention was a plain white sweater dress layered over a black- and-white polka-dot blouse. A pair of black, fringe boots added a classic kick. Spotting such a humble runway look felt rather refreshing.

I decided to try out a similar trend on my own runway: my college campus. Since my sweater dress was a bit more formfitting and a layered blouse didn’t sit right, I spiced up the outfit with some warm accessories to outweigh the cold, dreary day. Usually I would stick to a single necklace, but I felt inspired to make a change, so I layered up. For my overall look, I stuck to a simple color palette that felt just as cozy as Chloé’s, pairing together grey, tan and brown tones.

The 2015 show gave me confidence to try out an outfit I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards, and I ended up finding comfort in its casual style. Keeping it simple felt right, and knowing a designer incorporated this down-to-earth decor into her famous collection makes me think high-end fashion is about to become a little more wearable.

Get My Look: 1. A formfitting, knit sweater dress. 2. An oversized tan tote bag. 3. A pair of brown, leather riding boots. 4. Tan leg warmers. 5. A simple, white statement necklace.