The Ralph Lauren Safari spring/summer 2015 ready-to-wear collection is all about an adventurous look, an excited feeling, confidence and femininity and a game of colors and materials that characterize a sophisticated and timeless fashion. The designer made his collection wearable, trendy, elegant and contemporary, which perfectly suits the needs of a modern cosmopolitan girl living in the big city. The safari colors—khaki, beige, tan, hazelnut and sand—mix with bright hues—yellow, orange, purple, red and green. The variation of materials is amazingly suited for the safari style. There is beautiful leather, soft suede, shiny silk, classy cotton, airy organza and gentle chiffon. Accessories are successfully matched with the safari look as well. Colorful necklaces are paired with long vibrant earrings; strappy heeled sandals suit with stunning platform heels; luxurious bags balance perfectly with exotic belts; and, of course, an iconic hat finalizes this extravagant safari style.

The Safari Fashion by Ralph Lauren inspired me to buy his dress and create the safari look. I thought that these Sergio Rossi wedge sandals were beautiful with sparkling ruby crystals. Finding a proper bag for this outfit was a little bit of a challenge for me, but then I thought of my Furla leopard print mini bag, which combines well visually with the color of Ralph Lauren’s safari dress. I used two sunglasses for this look. The brown one balances well with leather parts of the dress, and the red one has glittering crystals that look identical with the red gemstones of the shoes. The gold color of my watches, rings and earrings add a luxurious gloss to this look. Notes of purple lipstick help to highlight my safari look.

Safari for me is not just the color. Even now I can close my eyes and different images start to materialize before me: Hemingway, Isak Dinesen, Africa, exoticness, wild animals, a feeling of dangerousness, drama and a voyage; this mixture of delicate senses helps me to create my outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Safari dress; 2. Wedges; 3. Leopard mini bag; 4. Sunglasses; 5. Hat