STYLE GURU STYLE: Roll Out Of Bed And Rock It

During the crucial last week of fall semester, which consisted of studying to death and applying for internships for summer term, I productively procrastinated.  I spent many hours researching upcoming trends for spring 2016 and many acclaimed fashion websites agreed that garments mocking the patterns and lightness of pajamas are in.

Coincidentally, bedtime wear and myself happen to be lifelong best friends.  While perusing for bedroom-meets-street inspiration, I found that Ports 1961’s pre-fall runway show contains beautiful matching button-up sets with zany patterns, bathrobe inspired outerwear and effortless slip dresses. Comfy, cute and on-trend.

Who doesn’t like to roll right out of bed on a free day only to stay in pajamas all day long? Well, since that isn’t always possible, I’m grateful to have inspiration to wear “real clothes” that look equally as effortless as they feel.  My personality is quite laid back, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to my look. This outfit is reflective of this mashup of traits.

The main component of my look is checkered harem pants with a loose waistband. These pants are so versatile that I can wear them to work at my casual restaurant job or with a faux-fur coat on a glam day.  I got them on Walnut Street in Philadelphia during one of those Urban Outfitters sales that absolutely blows your mind with savings.  I am quite casual when it comes to garment color pairings, so I chose to wear a short crop top with long sleeves and a lightly ribbed texture up top.  The plainness of the top does not overpower the loose vibe of the pants.

The statement piece of the season must be outerwear. I went with an oversized cardigan from Urban Outfitters in my favorite shade of pink. What I like most about this piece is that it’s the perfect marriage of a sweatshirt and a poncho: a light, flowy piece to tie a sleepy look together. I topped everything off with a tiny envelope clutch, all white adidas and a pair of fancy shades from NASTY GAL.

Get My Look: 1. Sweatshirt. 2. Crop top. 3. Stunner shades.