STYLE GURU STYLE: Rocking the Sandal & Sock

The sandal and sock have always had a complicated relationship. As a look commonly perceived as lazy and somewhat unorthodox, the combination has been frowned upon in the past as an option for anything other than going to and from the gym.

Unsurprisingly, the fashion industry has been able to transform this unlikely duo from an eye sore into a popular trend that has been seen all over the runways recently.

Alessandro Dell’Acqua, the creative director for Rochas, was one of the latest designers to experiment with this trend in the brand’s pre-fall collection for 2016. The outcome was a simplistic and feminine display of fashion that could be easily translated into looks fit for everyday street-style.

Taking styling advice from Rochas, I was able to effortlessly work this trend into my own wardrobe. I started with a cropped white T-shirt and paired it with a military-style cardigan and beige joggers. I chose an open-toed heel as the sandal and added polka-dotted socks to tie the trend together.

Not only was the outcome modern and chic, but the combination added a touch of elegance and femininity to an otherwise plain and gender-neutral outfit. No longer is the sandal and sock a recipe for disaster, but a simple styling technique that can take any outfit from drab to fabulous when done the right way. 

Get My Look: 1. Military-style cardigan. 2. Crinkled joggers. 3. High-heel sandal.