STYLE GURU STYLE: Rock The Coat, Baby

Working in a vintage store gives one a tendency to gravitate toward the older things in life. Old music starts taking up space on your iPhone, old movies start filling up your Netflix queue and old trends start to creep into your style. While recycling the styles of yesteryear may seem a stagnant way of dressing, it just so happens that an appreciation of the past has placed vintage lovers as the unofficial trendsetters of this season. At the forefront of this throwback? Derek Lam, whose fall 2015 collection was a very chic nod to the groovy decade of the ’70s.

Combining his signature sportswear with the season’s hottest trend, Lam created a collection with a look entirely his own. Reusing ’70s classics—long trench coats, flared pants and rusty tones—much of his clothing seems to be taken straight from the past. But ever the innovator, Lam infused the clothing with a look of modernity. The subtle details, the fluid, relaxed fit and the contrasting structured silhouettes gave the collection relevance in the wardrobes of today’s Fashionistas.

Wearing trends from past decades can often seem stuffy, silly or overdone. Lam showed that he understood this all too well and with a light touch he created a collection that portrayed both an appreciation of the ’70s and a vision of the future. If you’re dying to flex your sartorial muscles and try out the trend of the season, take a cue from this collection. By incorporating today’s styles into the clothing your parents knew and loved, you can turn a blast from the past into the look of the future.

Get My Look: 1. Tan coat. 2. Turtleneck sweater. 3. Culottes. 4. Flats.