STYLE GURU STYLE: Read Between the Lines

March 25th, 2016 at 2:10am

Vintage looks are always coming back into style. Trends are continuously repeating themselves. Looking at the big trends for this spring, I decided to portray one of my favorites. In Tommy Hilfiger’s 2016 spring ready-to-wear collection, he gave off a bohemian vintage vibe, but still with a classic appeal. His looks included the use of stripes, big and small, and that is what really gave my inspiration for my outfit.

I feel as though stripes have always been in and out of fashion. They can get wider or thinner to change it up, but they have been in the know time and time again. I liked what he did in his collection because it was a mix of horizontal, vertical and somewhat circular stripes on a suit, dresses and sweaters. It shows that stripes can be ever so versatile. In my outfit, I have a black and white striped crop top as my focal piece. I wanted a more casual look, so I paired it with a denim button-front skirt. Denim is also a huge trend reappearing for spring, so I decided that could contribute to the vintage vibes from Hilfiger’s collection and play off of some other collections that I enjoyed for this season.

To add some flare to my semi-casual outfit, I thought what better way to enjoy my vintage inspired outfit than sipping on an ice cold Coca-Cola? Since it still is a little chilly in Kentucky, I decided to throw on some Steve Madden black booties. To complete my look, a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses seemed to be the perfect fit. Now don’t forget stripes are huge for spring, so go out and earn yours!

Get My Look: 1. A striped crop top. 2. A jean skirt. 3. Heart-shaped sunnies.