Spring is approaching and yes, it is still is cold outside, but I figured out how to sneakily incorporate some bold colors into your average winter outfit. Everyone dreads not only being cold but also uncomfortable, especially when it comes to a college student that has to walk to and from classes. There’s nothing that I value more than combining your comfort needs in with your style.

This specific look is both very warm and very comfortable. For this outfit I have three examples of articles of clothing that you can utilize to subtly add some colors in to your dreary winter outfits. The first article of clothing is the pink crochet beanie: the crochet detail is ideal for comfort, and it will keep your head warm. The teal bomber jacket adds a another subtle pop of color. I figured I would just throw on a cotton T-shirt underneath for some added comfort. The black denim pants are a tiny bit looser for comfort, and adding more black to the all over look tones the outfit down. We want that outfit to emphasize the pops of subtle color so utilizing black articles of clothing will neutralize the overall vision. On my feet, I chose to wear a pair of suede Puma sneakers in a plum color. Altogether, this outfit has a sort of an urban vibe to it, it is ideal for day trips into any major city.

For my own persona,l style I enjoy experimenting with different styles. I try to not keep a consistent style; why else would we keep up with trends on the rise? Loving fashion is about keeping an open mind even when it comes to your very own personalized style. I think it’s so important for those pursuing fashion to be open to change and constantly adapt to their environments.