Chanel is a name known and worn by many. The Chanel spring 2015 collection has inspired my style recently. I have always loved the timeless look of Chanel, and this collection is no different. There are a lot of fun and bright colors that are perfect for the springtime. Structured, classic pieces are ones that will never go out of style.

For this look, I took inspiration from the jackets’ structured style and color. I didn’t want to make my entire outfit super bright being that it is still winter, so I opted for a pop of color. My houndstooth printed jacket is structured like many of the pieces in Chanel’s spring 2015 collection. I kept it simple with jeans and a pair of brown boots. To accessorize, I paired together my favorite red scarf and a black knit headband. In the collection, most outfits had a headpiece of some sort, so I decided to wear the knit headband for warmth.

My style is normally very free-spirited, but I have loved the classic and timeless look of Chanel lately. A nice structured piece adds a sophisticated, classy vibe to any outift. Since coming to college, I’ve noticed how much I’m leaning towards the classic side of fashion. I love simple, sophisticated pieces. This collection has the perfect pieces to transition your look from drab to fabulous.

Get My Look: 1. A red scarf. 2. A printed jacket. 3. A knitted headband.