Nothing pleases me more than to seeing something fresh and new walk down the runway. I feel a rush of excitement beholding innovative styles. The Diane von Furstenberg spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection did just that for me. Diane von Furstenberg amped up the youth and energy in her looks while still retaining the classic brand image, a wrap dress. I love the way the brand embraces femininity coupled with a sense of ease and comfort. This collection inspired me to take a vintage look into the modern age.

Plaid and gingham have made a sweeping appearance on the current season’s runways, along with the reemergence of styles from the ‘70s. The Diane von Furstenberg runway contained both of these trends. It also featured ample empire waist, which I have translated into a black, jersey maxi dress. Slits were shown on a few of the dresses to show a little leg and add some edge. My inclusion of a yellow, plaid coat was inspired by this look in the collection. The coat was a vintage hand me down from my mother and perfectly emulates the ‘70s vibes—able to be brought into the 21st century when paired with modern pieces.

Everyone loves those big, crazy, circular sunglasses that are in right now. These yellow and white pair were actually cheap and are an easy way to add a little ‘70s to any look. I decided to include gold accessories to play off the yellow tones in the rest of the look. The unicorn horn necklace was another accessory I swiped from my mother (she has some pretty rad stuff from former decades). I am a big proponent of going shopping in consignment and thrift shops. Even searching for pieces at the “Mother’s Clothes From The Past” store can often yield priceless gems, which are also free. Luckily, we don’t have to spend thousands on those runway looks to acquire the same trendy effects. With a few one of a kind items, a Diane von Furstenberg runway look translated to street style was made possible.

Get My Look: 1. A plaid coat. 2. A black maxi dress. 3. Circle sunglasses.