STYLE GURU STYLE: Perpetually Posh

New York Fashion Week, one of the most wonderful times of the year, came and went faster than a blink of an eye. Although every fashion lover has to wait until September for fashion week to return, there is always the option to look back at past collections. As a lover of ready-to-wear, it should be obvious that I find that realm of fashion to be the easiest to emulate. It also helps that some of my favorite designers excel in ready-to-wear. One collection that caught my eye was the witty Rachel Antonoff showcasing her pre-fall 2015 ready-to-wear line. The first time I heard of Rachel Antonoff was nothing fashion related. Her brother Jack Antonoff is an artist, too. Known for being vocalist of Bleachers, guitarist and vocals for Fun., his former band Steel Train as well as dating one of the most talked about women in pop culture (Lena Dunham of HBO’s Girls). Nevertheless, finding out Rachel is related to one of the coolest musicians on the scene and then finding out she was a fashion designer on the rise, I was hooked with her aesthetic and her creative use of presentation.

Every collection Antonoff creates always has a backstory and her pre-fall line is no different. This season, her theme is a twist of quirky and preppy stylized to the likeness of private school uniforms. To try to impersonate this collection as much as possible, I reverted back to certain pieces that would give the same vibe. I started off with a black pleated skirt with a similar drape as the knife pleats that make a reoccurring appearance through Antonoff’s line. Dark and light colors are mixed together and coincide with the story of a student dating her Botany professor, the collection’s theme. To match the idea of botany and plants, I donned a dark green cardigan, giving a polished look when paired with my skirt. I decided to add a white button-up to give my cardigan more contrast. To look more refined, I threw on a pair of black tights and finished the look off with my raspberry colored Bass loafers—the staple of a posh wardrobe. Tying the entire look together, I felt the overall package of collegiate.

Rachel Antonoff is a designer on the rise who is fun with a punch of attitude is someone who everyone should keep his or her eyes open for. Some people may think her designs and patterns to be too much, but I think it’s the perfect fit for college women who want to stand out, yet keep a modest look. Antonoff’s looks are not complicated and can be executed with ease, which is why she is a winner to me.

Get My Look: 1. A green cardigan. 2. A pleated skirt. 3. A pair of Bass loafers.