This summer, I’ve been lucky to visit Spain and complete a summer internship. Both experiences have made me more conscious of the length of my clothing. In Spain, I visited many religious sites, so there was a recommended dress code to follow. My workplace was more casual, but I still couldn’t wear what I would have usually worn hanging out with friends. Ronald van der Kemp’s fall 2016 couture collection caught my eye for its play on traditional workplace clothing. When it comes to skirts and blouses, Ronald is edgy and plays with ruffles and cuts.

These ruffles aren’t like anything I’ve seen before. They truly pop and make an explosion onto the eye. Both the skirts and blouses are cut in a sharp triangular fashion. I was also attracted to the collection for his play on patterns. He mixes classics like cheetah, polka dot and plaid. Together they provide a beautiful juxtaposition, and they remind me of how I used to do so back when I was more experimental with my clothing. I think back at how my personal style has changed in that I like my outfit to look more timeless and effortless, so I stick with more simple cuts and designs. I’ve gotten busier since my freshmen year with activities and the coursework I took on, so I didn’t have as much time to experiment with my clothing by mixing and matching prints. I also found that I end up buying pieces that I grow tired of next season, so I try not to buy based on what’s trendy at the moment. Many of the tops in my closet are now basic T-shirts.

However, the shirt I have on right now isn’t your average cotton shirt. On the front, there’s a sheer panel which gives it some dimension but still allows the shirt to tuck nicely into my pencil skirt. I’ve always loved pastel pink, and I love the mix of that color, navy and white in this skirt. I also adore the triangular stripes. I think it gives the skirt more character. The pink color and geometric pattern keep me youthful but the addition of navy adds sophistication. Ornate prints have always caught my eye, which is why I fell in love with the sandals I am wearing here. The silver design makes the shoe glamorous. As for the tote, houndstooth is a classic print. Walking on the streets, I rarely see someone carrying a patterned purse. What’s in right now are bags of one color—I like how mine stands out in the crowd.

As I reflect on my outfit and Ronald van der Kemp’s collection, I realize the two aren’t that different. I was instantly attracted to the collection for its experimental nature. While I did not actively try to mix and match prints in my outfit, I ended up doing so. There’s stripes, cut outs and houndstooth. Freshmen me would be proud and hopefully so would Ronald.

Get My Look: 1. Pencil skirt. 2. Sunglasses. 3. Unique tote.