STYLE GURU STYLE: Patterns and Proportions

The Chanel fall 2014 ready-to-wear fashion show caught my attention the instant I saw pictures from the runway. The colors of the featured looks ranged everywhere from bright pink to all-black ensembles, and the shapes and proportions of each outfit were eye-catching and dramatic. I noticed many of the looks featured an oversized top or coat and skinny body-clinging pants. In a number of the ensembles, the pants on the model’s legs had some type of interesting pattern or texture. Immediately, I found myself wracking my brain for items in my closet that I could use to create similar looks, while also keeping them casual and class-friendly.

After digging through my drawers, I found a pair of Band of Gypsies colored velvet leggings. They have a subtle tie-dye effect, mostly sticking to blues, greens and grays. I wanted an oversized sweater to pair with the leggings, and I instantly thought of one of my fall and winter staples—an oversized A-line sweater with a slight mock neck and cuffed sleeves. The simplicity of the sweater keeps the attention on the leggings, while simultaneously balancing the proportions of the outfit, much like many of the looks in the Chanel show.

A large gold statement necklace added an extra punch (something I love to do when I want to spice up an outfit) and a fun double pom-pom hat added a touch of playfulness to my look, while also keeping me warm.

Chanel’s fall 2014 show gave me the idea to play around with the proportions of an outfit without overdoing it. Chanel’s looks also proved that pops of color and dramatic leggings or pants are totally acceptable for the cold weather, as long as they’re balanced out by the rest of the look.

Get My Look: 1. Some textured/patterned leggings. 2. A simple oversized sweater. 3. An eye-catching statement necklace.