The rise of comfort as a priority in fashion has led to a variety of new trends. The Calvin Klein collection for spring 2016 perfectly shows off one of these trends: pajama style. If you take a look at their collection you can clearly see the trend in their various slip dresses, loose fitting pants and use of silky fabrics. A majority of the looks are monochrome in neutral colors. If not, they consist of one singular pattern. The shoes are all slip-on sneakers. One of my favorite looks from the collection was a see through sequined dress over shorts and a bralette.

While the slip dress is definitely on the rise, I chose to focus on the separates in interpreting my look. Athleisure is a huge trend currently on college campuses, because of its extreme comfort and wearability. I think that pajama style can gain some serious traction, because of the current comfort drive.

A great bridge between athleisure and pajama style is the jogger style sweatpant. The pants I am wearing are not exactly within that category, but they closely resemble the look. The velvet of my pants also exhibits a shimmery quality much like the silk from the Calvin Klein Collection. A sweater or shirt in this style should not be hard to find as a lot of winter trends this year consist of oversized garments. I went with a subtle necklace, because nothing about the pajama style is aggressive or loud.

I have recently been subbing my high-top sneakers instead of my slip-on ones; it is just a personal preference. As long as your sneakers are neutral, they will tie the whole look together. The key to success with pajama style is loose fit and comfort. You should be so comfy that you feel like heading off to bed instead of going to class!

Get My Look: 1. Piko sweater. 2. ASOS joggers. 3. Vans Suede SK8-Hi Moc. 4. Madewell choker.