STYLE GURU STYLE : Oversized Monochromatic

There is no hiding that Vetements stepped out bold with the spring ready-to-wear collection this year. Spring is usually a transition into the resort, summer style that ends up doused in floral prints and bouquet-like garments. Vetements did things vastly different this season by spilling onto the runway a rugged, monochromatic, color-blocked, leathery, oversized collection. Now take that and chew on it!

The collection varies from hoodies to sequins, aprons to floral gowns prodded in frill-frills, or even classy button-downs to a variation on leather chaps. This striking collection brings back the comfort of everyday lounge wear to the runway. It legitimizes the fashion of your boyfriend’s long sleeve shirt, which hangs well past your hands; worn with a spicy leather skirt, as fresh and up-and-coming.

I am always one to snuff the system when it comes to sneaking in coziness to my fashionable ensembles, so this new spring collection by Vetements inspired me. As many people know, I frequent resale stores often, and let me tell you, Fill-A-Bag events are a gold mine for folks like me with a thirst for vintage materials, friendly competition and a mere 15 bucks in their pocket.

After attending one of these dog and pony shows not too long ago, I discovered a lollipop, bubblegum pink, gem of a jumpsuit that I must have snatched and stuffed in the mist of the Fill-A-Bag madness. This girl was proud. It didn’t take me long to relate my oversized, monochromatic suit to Vetements’ spring collection and think, “Ay, I’m fresh off the runway.” I simply threw on some cat eyes, glittered my eyelids, and sat under some palms to bask in my new look.

Get My Look: 1. Simple black jumpsuit or bell bottoms. 2. Cat eyes. 3. Glitter for the eyelids.