STYLE GURU STYLE: Oversized Is Never Overdone

Along with the New Year, comes a new semester, new classes and of course a heavy load of more schoolwork. Of course, keeping up the New Year’s resolution to be more on top of my work this year is never an easy task, and so my style transitions into one that can be thrown on quickly, keep me comfortable and still look cute.

Taking some inspiration from last year’s runway on, I came across Acne Studio’s spring 2015 menswear collection. The featured image of a male model in an oversized sweater drew me in to the idea of cozy comfort. Of course, when I stumbled across my older brother’s H&M sweater, I knew I had found my perfect item. Why let the guys have all the fun? Acne Studio’s idea of a boxy look paired with the idea to size up, offers a way to be able to dress casually while still feeling like you’re at home in your favorite giant pajamas.

Since I was borrowing half of my outfit from the men’s section, I, of course, had to balance the fit of the rest of my clothes, so my body wouldn’t be completely drowned out. I decided to just grab a pair of tight black leggings, which also offer ultimate comfort and flexibility to run from class to the mailroom to grabbing lunch. I put on a denim shirt under my sweater to let the collar peek out and add dimension to my outfit and threw on an owl statement necklace (and hey, who doesn’t love cute owls?). My brown lace-up boots complemented the teal of my sweater, while my hat matched up with the black of my leggings and hid my hair that couldn’t be bothered to fix through all the business of a new semester.

This outfit truly does prove that if you’re tired of your own sweaters, a quick look into the men’s section might let you find the perfect new oversized gem! Will you be on the oversized trend this semester? I know I will!

Get My Look: 1. Oversized men’s sweater. 2. Lace-up boots. 3. Hat. 4. Owl necklace.