STYLE GURU STYLE: One Print Wonder

STYLE GURU STYLE: One Print Wonder

This is one of my most favorite outfits in my closet. Everything about it screams “I’m fun but also ready to talk on the world!” I wore this outfit to two different job interviews, and ended up nailing them both because again, if you look good, you feel good.

I chose this green button-down to add a simple but sleek feel to my outfit along with my black Free People jeans. I love the green and the black color combination because they allow you and your facial features to pop. These black Free People jeans I’m wearing have been the perfect addition to my continuously expanding wardrobe. Black jeans are the best because you can dress them up or dress them down.

My J.Crew leopard print zip up shoes are my go-to pair of shoes for when I’m in need of grabbing someone’s attention. It’s the perfect staple to wear to leave people saying “oh you know Kara! The girl with the super trendy leopard print shoes!” I have had the opportunity to wear these shoes during spring recruitment on my campus as well, and they certainly had people talking afterward! They’re the perfect attention getter without going overboard with the animal print.

I never feel the need to lug around one of my huge tote bags filled with my entire life to an interview or professional meeting—so I decided to sling my kate spade cross-body bag over my shoulder to be able to throw in any necessities like an extra pen or gum that I might need.

There are many ways you can continue to dress up this look. For example—you can always throw on a sweater or a black blazer to cover up your shoulders for when it starts to get a little chilly. You can also swap out your black jeans for black dress pants or a skirt as well.

With this look along with your stellar skills and personality, there won’t be anything stopping you from achieving your dreams!