STYLE GURU STYLE: Off-The-Shoulder Smolder

STYLE GURU STYLE: Off-The-Shoulder Smolder

This past summer I was lucky enough to spend another summer abroad, particularly Paris, France where my family lives. I always look forward to being in the fashion capital of the world as I feel like I get the inside scoop of the hottest trends before it makes it way back to the homeland. The best way to do this is to simply take a stroll through the city, sit on a bench and watch people pass by. The one thing I kept seeing time and time again, was off-the-shoulder tops and dresses in various forms. However, there was this one dress that everybody seemed to own, a chambray-like off the shoulder dress from Zara.

For me, it was love at first sight…after all Paris is the city of love!

Even on my trip through Greece, this dress was popping up everywhere! I’m not normally one to cave into what everyone else is wearing, but there was just something about that dress. I had to have it! Being the Dutch woman I am, I figured I’d wait until the July sales so I could snag the coveted dress at a discount. Unfortunately, when July rolled around, the dress was M.I.A. in every store! I figured this dress was so widely popular in Paris it sold out, but then I had an epiphany. My family would be going to Rome, Italy on a trip at the end of the month and maybe, just maybe, the dress would be in stock in Rome!

Low and behold, Rome came in clutch (always number one city in my heart), and had the dress in stock! To say I sprinted over to the dress would be an understatement. At last it was mine! I’ve had the dress for over a month now and have worn it on multiple occasions, styling it differently each time. With fall just around the corner, I decided to style it with lace-up sandals and a floppy felt hat. With cooler breezes in the air, the hat adds a touch of warmth but mainly it adds that extra “oomph” that makes this dress pop! Transitioning from flat sandals to ones that have a little bit of a heel dresses the look up for work, church, school and brunch dates with the girlfriends!

There’s something to be said for those wardrobe staple pieces that you know you’ll be wearing it over and over and over again. That’s how this dress makes me feel along with feeling like I can conquer the world! So go get yourself an off-the-shoulder dress that makes you feel like a queen and give them that off the shoulder smolder because you know you’re looking fine!