STYLE GURU STYLE: Not Your Runway Couture

The amount of theatrics, drama and technique that the runways in Paris have been showing over the past days convinces me that Paris’ Couture Fashion week should be a ritual holiday. Usually couture is filled with modest looks, details and neutrals, but one runway show seemed to disobey the norms and captivated all the attention, including my own. Jean Paul Gultier is a true icon in the fashion industry and has always being known to provide a story, theatricality, and a line that’s worth the wait. He’s known for having designs that are fun, loud and something that you and your girlfriends would wear on a night out. His runway captivated my attention in the midst of Paris’ Couture Fashion week, because he did the opposite of what we were expecting: he gave models the opportunity to show their personalities on the runways instead of the straight, still catwalk. He turned the runway into a free spirited, disco party, where models got to be loud and have fun, all while keeping it professional.

I fell in love with the line. The show celebrated one of Paris’s most influential nightclubs in the ’70s Le Palace and models were caught wearing sexy, silk maxi dresses, glittering disco gowns and suiting, all while smoking cigarettes and carrying their sparkly heels down the runway. The story was authentic, revealing a wild night that I’m sure most of us ladies can personally trace into our own lives. I translated these exquisite designs in my look by wearing a short, body loving metallic dress with a leather coat to give it that dramatic, disco edge. To really mix with the fun theme, I decided to replicate the gray ankle socks with the black heel trend that I seen on this runway, to really make a loud statement. To finish this sexy look a red lip was needed, because what doesn’t scream dangerous other than this classic shade?

Get My Look: 1. Metallic Dress. Black Heels. Statement Socks.