STYLE GURU STYLE: Not Your Granny's Patchwork

The spring 2016 New York Fashion Week was last month and all of the creative and gorgeous designs left me feeling inspired and rejuvenated for the spring fashion season. There were a lot of trends featured on the runway that I’m currently loving, from metallic silver embellishments, to silky lace slips, to my personal favorite: patchwork prints. A few bold prints never hurt anybody and it is clear that was the mindset of the designers in a lot of the shows. The boho Coach 1941 collection captured my heart with its quirky yet cohesive patchwork designs. This collection, and the patchwork trend specifically, seem to be the embodiment of the spring season. The collection harmoniously unites three of my favorite things: bright colors, floral and different patterns.

I had the Coach 1941 collection in mind when I chose to wear a patchwork print jumpsuit. I find this piece to be surprisingly easy to style and transition between different seasons. The darker blues and blacks in the piece make it wearable in the winter with a sweater and once spring arrives, the pinks and purples add just enough brightness to stand out. The print is a classic patchwork style, with various patterns next to each other, giving the illusion of different fabric patches seamlessly placed together to create the jumpsuit.

To keep warm in the breezy weather that day, I layered a knit sweater over the jumpsuit. I love the fringe on the back of the sweater; it is a unique detail that makes it a little different from other knits you might see. To keep the colors warm and light for spring, I decided to accessorize my outfit with lace up booties and a brown, belted hat.

The combination of gold and silver together has been the subject of debate in the fashion world and I happen to be a big fan of the pairing. It makes me happy to note, however, that I’ve noticed a trend in jewelry lately, where pieces are purposely mixing and pairing the two metals together. My necklace and rings are an example of that trend, pairing silver, gold and brass together. Playing with mixtures and combinations was a theme in this outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Dress. 2. Cardigan. 3. Booties.