STYLE GURU STYLE: Nikes Are a Girl's Best Friend

Nike has historically been a brand associated with working out, playing soccer or running, but according to the runway and fashion-on-the-street, Nike and other fashion-forward athletic brands have changed this perception. In the fashion world, people are putting away their heels and putting on their tennis shoes to make a fashion statement. Nike, adidas, New Balance, Stan Smith and other previously sport-only focused shoes have become must-haves for any Fashionista or it girl. These brands, and others like them, have made the move from the track and field to the runway and the street. My Nike shoes are my go-to shoe to pair with leggings and they are the basis and inspiration for my look this month.

Checking this season and the latest ready-to-wear collections for 6397 and their just released fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection, gave me inspiration when choosing my outfit for this article. 6397 has created a very street style feel and I brought this inspiration to my closet and paired my already purchased items with my new Nikes.

Pairing my Nikes with my favorite Athleta faux leather leggings (talk about comfortable) with my light weight Out From Under long sleeve shirt from Urban Outfitters and my pink faux fur vest from Target gave me that comfortable, edgy streetwise look. The faux leather leggings make a stronger statement than your usual boring black leggings and the pop of dusty pink straggly faux fur from the vest works perfectly with the black and gray Nike shoes to give me that streetwise, yet classic look. The vest adds a warmer layer that is perfect for keeping me just warm enough to not wear a coat while walking to class and let’s me be girly and edgy all in one outfit.

If you are looking for a way to wear your Nike’s to places other than the gym, this outfit is the way to do it. Transferring looks from the runway to the street can be difficult to pull off without looking severe or out of your comfort zone, but remember you don’t have to copy exactly what you see in Vogue. Feel comfortable, take things from your current closet and mix in sporty, feminine and edgy all in one look. Feel good about yourself and you will be runway ready in no time for sporting your way to class or coffee in comfort and style.

Get my look: 1. Leggings. 2. Top. 3. Vest. 4. Shoes.