I love the never-ending excitement that New York City has to offer, there’s always something to do and I love the constant stream of energy that the bustling city gives off. I have been here twice before and I now fully understand when people say holiday season in NYC is crazy. However, the city is beautifully decorated during the holidays, it’s something you won’t find anywhere else. All I have to say if you are planning a trip here during the holidays is to bring comfortable shoes and get ready to make the city streets your personal runway.

Packing for New York was not an easy task, so I decided to explore Vogue and various bloggers I follow to find inspiration. I stumbled onto Marc Jacob’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear runway show and just fell in love. I loved the his all black looks because he transformed something that could be drab into something with depth and elegance. I also fell in love with the black and white fur coat that he used in several of his looks, so I figured I could combine the two for a fashion-forward look.

New York fashion is known for the all black ensemble. Black is especially stylish, and when you’re in a hurry it’s the perfect outfit because no matter the shade of black, odds are it will look stunning. You can dress it up or dress it down and have some fun with layering.   In my look, I paired a black long sleeve turtleneck dress with leather booties to give me the comfort of going around town without losing a fashion-forward look. However, I had to steer away from the black a little so I could wear this amazing coat! I am absolutely obsessed with this coat and the fact that it goes with everything makes it that much better!

Also, a few other suggestions for your next trip to NYC would be to eat at Magnolia’s Bakery because kate spade has a collection after it and it’s simply delicious, and go to SoHo because the shopping is amazing!

Get My Look:  1. Any black leather booties. 2. A fun, patterned coat. 3. A black dress