STYLE GURU STYLE: New Year, New Mini

It is that time when resolutions are made and then broke a week later. But, here is a simple resolution that you can actually keep up with to look more fabulous to feel more fabulous. I have challenged myself to go bigger and bolder with my style and to keep changing it up. Why not have a little fun with it? It is 2016 after all what are limits anyways? (Other than budgets thats totally still a thing). To kick things up a notch in the new year I threw on a mini skirt and got to strutting around town. Now that’s my kind of resolution.

Donning a miniskirt can be intimidating, you don’t want it to be too short, but you still want it short enough that is chic and modern. Finding one with a good fit is key, then finding one in a pattern you like, like a lovely plaid like the one I chose to rock is crucial. For this look I was inspired by Markus Lupfer’s pre-fall 2016 line which consisted of wonderful plaids, miniskirts and dresses with clean cuts. All with an interesting twist so they don’t feel too preppy, but totally fresh. For me starting with a classic plaid miniskirt helped my channel my inner Nancy Drew, which is totally necessary. Adding a pop of color in my turtleneck keeps things jazzy since most everything else is more neutral. That doesn’t mean the other pieces aren’t stand out ones, because they are neutral though the texture of my jacket contrasts with my boots and bag which is always great. Then keeping my necklace minimal, but yet still strong ties the look together.

Still scared to rock that mini skirt? Pair it with some over the knee boots and a longer jacket, this is great for winter and keeps you warm and from feeling too exposed. So for this new year, don’t be afraid to go mini or maxi or whatever makes you feel the most razzle dazzle. It’s all about playing with shapes and textures to make your outfit uniquely and fabulously you.

Get My Look: 1. Mini skirt. 2. Turtleneck in a sassy color. 3. Textual jacket 4. Tall boots. 5. Necklace.