STYLE GURU STYLE: Never Getting Over Overcoats

Move over bombers and say hello to the next big thing: the overcoat! The overcoat is key to combatting cold weather while still maintaining that perfect stylish flair. Their long, drapey silhouettes are great for streetwear or even business outfits.

To start off my outfit, I knew I wanted to sport my new camel overcoat from ASOS, but seeing as it’s finals week here at Binghamton University, staying warm and comfy is a must. For pants, I decided to wear my light gray sweatpant joggers I got from PacSun. I love these to death as they’re super comfortable and give you the same effect skinny jeans do in terms of silhouette. Sweatpant joggers are really great for pulling off a comfy study look, all while keeping you very warm. On top, I chose a basic black sweatshirt from Forever 21 with mesh detailing and white stripes on the sleeves. Sweatshirts are a great layering option with overcoats as it adds an extra layer and dresses down the overcoat for a more streetwear-esque outfit. For shoes, I picked out my black leather Dr. Martens boots. These boots are super comfy and great for the snow and weather of Upstate New York. 

For accessories, I first put on my black “Bad Hair Day” hat, because when you have finals to study for, there’s no actual reason to do your hair. After I put on the hat, I added my rose gold watch and my gold coil ring which were also from Asos. If you couldn’t tell, I really have a love for ASOS. For guys, there aren’t a lot of great fashion-forward places to shop without breaking the bank, but ASOS really does it all. They have such a wide variety of men’s clothing, including shirts and jackets you wouldn’t typically find elsewhere with interesting cuts and designs all for affordable prices. Going back to my accessories, I finished off the look by adding a handmade black velvet choker my best friend Sophia (who I featured two articles ago) made for me. Although I knew I would get a few weird looks for wearing a choker as a guy, I didn’t care because I love it and it looks great. Clothes and accessories do not have genders and if you like something, just wear it! Fashion is all about feeling confident in what you’re wearing, and if wearing a choker or even makeup makes you happy, then go ahead and wear it with confidence!