A casual and bohemian look is easy to achieve with soft, natural colors and a willingness to exhibit a piece that may be slightly more out-there. My out-there piece are my printed palazzo pants, which have become a staple in my wardrobe, even though I have tripped on them countless times.

I found my inspiration in the Creatures of the Wind resort 2017 collection, featuring strong and bold neutrals. I decided for my top to be an olive green, since it flatters my fair skin tone more than the earthy orange featured in the collection a few times, though I love that color too. I thought this collection did a wonderful job in keeping things casual, but still stylish and boho at the same time.

Olive green is a universally flattering color that I try to use in as many outfits as I can. A staple in my wardrobe is my olive green jacket, and I actually have a thicker one for winter and a lighter one for summer. One of the first looks in the Creatures of the Wind collection was an olive green jacket with what looks like floral embroidery on it, so naturally I fell in love.

The models in the Creatures of the Wind show were not as accessorized as I wanted to be, so I decided to amp up my look with a bandana necktie, as well as a belt to add detail around my hips. I also noticed that the runway models were not necessarily wearing their looks in the most flattering way, so when I tucked in my shirt and added a belt, I meant to accentuate my waist to make sure I didn’t look too boxy.

Get My Look: 1. Loose tank top 2. Belt