STYLE GURU STYLE: Necklines Say It All

As designer Antonio Berardi once said, “Memories take you on a journey.” Which is exactly how I felt after looking at his resort 2017 collection. A good designer allows their collection to tell a story and gives the outside world a glimpse of who they really are. This specific collection really caught my eye because of the personality the collection brings to the table. I really adore all of the silhouettes, fabrics and accessories used because I think it only further embraces the story being told through the collection. What I found to be prominent and important to the line was the use of plunging necklines, strappy shoes and simple accessories.

Using my inspiration of the plunging necklines, strappy shoes and simple accessories, the runaway drew me to both incorporate all of those into my outfit as well as put my own flair on it. I also love how the collection told its own story and I wanted my outfit to do the same because of how much personality it can add to just a simple outfit.

As I started to piece together this outfit, the first thing I thought about was what would be my staple piece that everything else would be centered around. Because I feel that the plunging neckline is such a prominent and demanding trend that will unlikely go out of style anytime soon, I thought that would be a good thing to start with. The forest green dress I am wearing exhibits this trend perfectly with a little bit of my personality tied into it. The floppy hat and sunglasses I feel only adds the outfit in terms of telling a story and adding mystery to the person, which Antonio Berardi did flawlessly. The hat is followed by the simple three-piece necklace I am wearing to draw more attention to the neckline. Lastly to finish the look, I put on a pair of my strappy sandals to tie the outfit all together and to finish my favorite trends seen on the runaway.

When looking at the runaway shows, always remember to look out for what really catches your eye and think about how you can translate it into your own person style. It’s really a lot easier than it looks, all you need is an idea and the rest will follow!

Get My Look: 1. Forest green dress 2. Floppy hat 3. Strappy sandals