STYLE GURU STYLE: Motos and Monochromes

In recent history, the French monarchy traded its castle for fashion and won the runway revolution featuring Bouchra Jarrar’s spring 2015 collection. The line focuses on the indispensible pieces in every woman’s closet that give a feminine, but by no means sweet twist to style. “Strength and femininity—that’s the woman of today,” said Jarrar when creating the monochromatic uniforms stomped across the platforms of France. Each piece in Jarrar’s line speaks for the brand itself, with a purpose to accent the unique parts of a woman and flaunt her empowerment from the runway to the streets.

I took a stab at this look, wearing all black with a pop of sheer white to break up the dark. Just as Jarrar portrayed patterns in his show, I incorporated a leather quilted pattern for texture. I also kept my jacket closed to expose the thick zippers seen throughout the line. The quilt from the biker jacket and pants also gives the ensemble a uniform aspect. I used my black trench coat to play on layering with my blouse and jacket. My leather espadrilles give my matching set the finishing touch, keeping with the monochromatic and texturized themes.

Bouchra Jarrar’s spring 2015 collection inspired me to keep my look simple yet bold within the details of my outfit. As a French girl’s style shows, the devices to make a breathtaking outfit come without increments. After attempting this look, I thought more about reducing my closet risks and utilizing the garbs I have to radiate clean, fierce feminism.

Get My Look: 1. Quilted motorcycle jacket. 2. Quilted leather pants. 3. Leather espadrilles.