STYLE GURU STYLE: Monochromatic on Another Level

Sexy slips, cotton candy Afros and all of the world’s sequins on one runway with Crayola colored lips to match; Ashish fall 2016 fashion show was far from boring. This fall 2016 collection was a reminder of how fun fashion can be if we just let loose and wear blue Afro styled wigs. I love how Ashish monochromatic outfits aren’t just going to the movies with my girlfriends monochromatic outfits, but a collision of sparkly crystals, bright sequins and fringe that gives each of the rainbow ensembles a unique texture. All the small details from the lipstick color to the multitude and glitter in the wigs is what really makes this fall 2016 fashion show one I will tell my grandchildren about.

One thing I learned from this fashion show is that if I want to have an amazing monochrome look, I need to go all in. Monochrome outfits are pretty cool already, but adding a little sparkle or texture in small places will only get your look closer to fashion heaven. In my case, a little sparkle wouldn’t do it for me, and since my hair is already purple I decided to go all in like Ashish taught me. I found this amazing purple sequin party dress on ASOS that matched my hair color perfectly. Next was the shoes which was harder to find than I thought it would be. After lots got Googling, I found these Bordello by Pleasure purple sequin pumps that were absolutely to die for. I added my leather Dooney & Bourke Happy Bag to balance out this sequin ensemble so I wouldn’t turn into a disco ball. To top the look off I went in my makeup bag and pulled out my Absolute New York purple matte lipstick.

The hardest part of accomplishing this look was finding shoes and clothing that were sequin and all the same shade of purple as my hair. If you want to try this head to toe sequin monochromatic look out for yourself, my advice would be to do a color that will be easy to find clothing in like black, white and red. You can also try having one sequin piece like a sequin skirt and your top can be another material in the same color. You don’t have to be an overachiever like me and get your hair to match your outfit, but you will earn extra points with the fashion gods if you do. If you want to dye your hair I would suggest Manic Panic dyes because they come in a variety of bright colors or you can always wear a wig.

This is the perfect Saturday night look that will get you so many compliments you’ll get tired of saying thank you over and over again. Just remember to take it one piece of sequins at a time!

Get My Look: 1.Matte lipstick. 2. Sequin piece of clothing. 3. Hair dye or wig.