STYLE GURU STYLE: Mock Turtlenecks

So, what’s up with the bad rep for turtlenecks? I cannot tell you how many times I have mentioned the word turtleneck and witness people cringe. But, why? Is it because of a (fashionably) rational fear that it will cut away at our necks, leaving us with just a head and shoulders? Do we believe it makes our necks look frumpy, or simply that they are dated? Well, I have a solution: mock turtlenecks. Mock turtlenecks have been sneaking their way into stores after several sneak peeks of fall/winter 2016 trends, such as Versace‘s pre-fall 2016 collection, which inspired today’s look. The cool thing about mock turtlenecks is that you still have the height of the neck, and in some cases give you more height.

Today, I’m wearing a short mock turtleneck from H&M in a rich oxblood shade. Versace’s collection also featured rich hues, so I wanted to incorporate that into my look, as well. Turtlenecks are a chic way to dress up an outfit, and matched with the perfect accessories will also do the trick. I’d recommend a mock turtleneck that is form fitting and will show off your shape. I prefer the top to be monotone, so it can be dressed up a little with a button-up skirt. Forever 21 has budget friendly button-up mini skirts . The buttons add contrast to the the top, and adds a bit of a grunge and edginess to it. Finding accessories was not hard for this outfit, I decided to start with a throwing on a watch with a gold rim.  A statement watch will add more character to your outfit! The writing in the watch rang true about my life, so I had to snatch it, it says, “More Issues than Vogue” and you can snag this at Forever 21 as well. For more drama, but not too much, add a hat to throw on and flashy spectacles!

Get my Look: 1. Mock turtleneck. 2. Mini skirt. 3. Knee-high socks.