We’ve all heard the saying, “less is more.” While accessorizing can be a blast, sometimes toning down an outfit can bring about new appreciation for the pieces themselves.

Michelle Smith, designer of Milly, fully understands this concept. By use of minimal shapes and cuts, her pre-fall 2015 collection employs contrasting colors and graphics in a subtle manner, giving depth to each piece without overshadowing the style of the garment. Milly’s color palette revolves around black, white and cobalt. Cobalt appears to be a summer favorite for designers and continuously shows up in Milly’s collection of well-structured staples.

Last week, I reunited with a few friends and an old flame over dinner. I desperately wanted to look great, without appearing as if I spent three days stressing about what to wear. Inspired by one of Milly’s looks, I chose a cobalt jumpsuit and wore minimal accessories.

The bright blue hue did wonders to slim down my curves, along with the jogger style. A tasteful embellishment of metallic studs lines the neckline of the jumpsuit. The cut of the neckline not only elongates my torso, but also draws attention to my chest ever so delicately, thereby reducing the need for a necklace. Based on the brass tones of the studs, I added a set of brass bangles. To complement the intensity of the blue, I paired the jumpsuit with a vintage brown cross-body bag and chunky camel wedges. While I wanted to look effortlessly flawless, I didn’t want to lose my sense of style in the process.

Get My Look: 1. Any cobalt jumpsuit. 2. A pair of camel wedges. 3. A set of bangles. 4. A cross-body purse.